Any is Better Than None

There have been many dashing, funny, loving, thoughtful men whom I have crossed paths with who would have loved to have me in their lives.

There have been men whose voices mesmerized me. Whose romantic gestures blew me away. Whose undoubtable desire for me would have caused me to throw caution to the wind and fly away with them.

There have been men, incredibly loving men who looked at me like Continue reading “Any is Better Than None”

The Dating Game: When He’s Three Times Her Senior

a twenty-something year old dating a man probably in his sixties

There is a couple on my flight that just saddens my soul. The man is at least three times her senior. Why a young lady of nothing over the age of twenty-three would be dating an old white man, possibly in his sixties, is completely beyond me.

While I was visiting South Coast, Kenya, my driver once said, ‘hawa wazee wanachukuwa wasichana wetu wote’ (these old men are taking all our girls) -as if there is a gun to these ladies’ heads.  Continue reading “The Dating Game: When He’s Three Times Her Senior”

Good Ol' Memories

As many of you know, this past Wednesday was our first anniversary. I still cannot shake the rush that came over me Wednesday morning when I opened my e-mail account to find, staring back at me, a congratulatory message from WordPress.

Why, thank you WordPress!

First, I was humbled by Continue reading “Good Ol' Memories”

Jealousy, please stay far away from me

Drowning on Dry Land (play)
I may now be stuck and you free to love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Too deep to turn back. Too deep to go forward.
Waters surround me. Whirl. Wind lashes at my face.
I scream. Breathless. Not a sound is made.
Why does the wind whirl around me tauntingly while the very wind is knocked out of me?
Around me waters dance while my feet—paralyzed to the ground.
But you are on the ninth cloud.
Joy on your face, on mine not a trace.
The air is sucked out of me,you breathe out sweet melodies.
I watch, wishing . . . wishing . . . No. I must not wish. Jealousy, please stay far away from me.
I may now be stuck and you free to love,
But in time the waters will part and there will be a way where there seems to be none.

This Notion Called Lovin'

Samantha Jones (Sex and the City)
Samantha Jones (Sex and the City) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once upon a time I was convinced that I had a clear grasp of the concept of falling in love. I was certain I knew what it meant and how it felt. I dare say I believed I had been in love once or twice before-a different degree of loving I suppose. But it made a lot of sense then.
Now, when I ought to be smarter and more experienced, I find myself short of understanding. While I feel that at this point in life I should recognize love when it hits, I still can barely comprehend basic feelings such as fondness and attraction.

There is the occasional time when the thoughts of that special someone creates a longing that stifles my heart for free expression. At such a time, it’s easy to admit to a feeling deeper than a simple like. Continue reading “This Notion Called Lovin'”

Part 2: Maybe Someday They Will Meet Again

At the twenty-ninth floor of a downtown office building, Jasmine pouted her lips resting her head against her left hand. Things could not get any worse. Her desk was littered with piles of untouched paperwork, files and several books. Several highlighters, pencils, a mechanical sharpener and a pink for-big-mistakes eraser, were all spread across the table in no precise order. It was an unholy mess, Continue reading “Part 2: Maybe Someday They Will Meet Again”

When the Soul Seeks

A stencil painted on Valentines day depicting ...
To me, love was this enormously bizarre emotion that transcended definition. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 I wrote this poem when I was a teenager and posted it on an old blog that I wrote back in the day.

Reading through this old blog, I realized that as much as I am older now, some things are yet to change. When I wrote this poem, I was curious about love. To me, love was this bizarre emotion that transcended definition. I could never quite understand the concept of love. It was completely alien to me. I did not comprehend how one finds that special someone who becomes the best thing in their life. I wondered how one would know when they met someone worth keeping. I could not grasp the idea of being so certain about one’s feelings for another.
Continue reading “When the Soul Seeks”

Falling in Love and Having a Relationship are Two Different things

Love Love Love
Falling in love and having a relationship are two different things. (Photo credit: Gregory Jordan)

Falling in love! Falling in love is the easiest and most desirable aspect of building a connection with someone. A relationship, I dare say is the best and most difficult aspect of that connection. I like to think that “’love” and “relationships” only got complicated in the last 2-3 centuries thanks to the rise of civilization and modernization, which have had their positive and negative aspects on both. But that is a topic for another day.
My goal is to share my understanding of the difference between love and a relationship. Relationships and love are intertwined. However, it is possible to have one without the other. Continue reading “Falling in Love and Having a Relationship are Two Different things”