Confessions From a Dreamer

Not a morning personI was up before the crack of dawn as was my routine. I fumbled about in the dark apartment readying myself for the day. I never turn on my lights in  the mornings, it is simply too early for that. Taking a deep breath I unlocked the door and released myself into the embrace of pitch darkness. I stood still for a second, allowing my eyes to adjust. There were no street lights and no one in sight either – or at least none that I could see. They might have been enveloped in the darkness of the early morning. I started off on my way, walking as fast as I could. It was so dark that my shadow was a lighter apparition that seemed to float mid-air persistently right behind me.
I knew it was my shadow but it caused me to shiver.
The only sound I could hear was that of my feet as I darted to the bus station. Everything else was quiet. Just silence! At that wee hour of the morning only one thought ran through my usually busy mind. I desperately struggled to explain to myself this ridiculous undertaking. Why was it so vital that I accepted that job?
All reason escaped me.
I could not master a justifiable reason to explain what I found so appealing about being up at such an ungodly hour.  The go-getter part of me must have forgotten to wake up that morning. Continue reading “Confessions From a Dreamer”