Birthday Month, A Day from Hell & Banking Fees

February is my birthday month. I’m turning 30 in nine days people. I’m so excited. I’ve been on this earth for three whole decades and yet there’s still so much to learn. When I was kid I remember looking at adults and thinking ‘must be nice to know and have everything’. Ha! Little did I know. Continue reading “Birthday Month, A Day from Hell & Banking Fees”

What’s the Value?

Value and Cost
..what causes one to determine the kind of product to purchase?

Why buy it when you can’t afford it? What’s the alternative? Settling for something cheaper and offers less satisfaction but fulfills the same purpose? Or hold off, save up and then make the desired purchase after a period of good budgeting and planning?

You see, I believe in finding joy and fulfillment in our chosen career paths, in what we do for a living. It’s about working where we find optimum delight. But what happens when what we love to do does not satisfy the desires we crave? What happens when our preferred career path does not yield the kind of income that we would like to earn?

As I am always careful to point out before dishing out tips and advice, I am a self-acclaimed guru learning on-the-job, sharing opinions shaped by experiences from my life. Continue reading “What’s the Value?”