Rocking My AfroCorns

AfroGirlIt was one evening after work when my friend and I decided to hit the town before calling it a night. I feel the need to clarify that it (hitting the town) did not involve twilighting of any sort, just two girls out catching up and ranting about life in general. A couple of days before that I had undone my braids and was rocking two ginormous cornrows in my natural hair. I did this quite proudly. When your hair grows at snail’s pace like mine does, when it can finally be braided into two cornrows, it is a moment to celebrate people! That entire week that I wore my hair in cornrows, I was all smiles. Like I’d won the lottery and quit my job. I felt like an African model. You should have seen my photogenic postures and runway walk. Like a shorter version of Lupita Nyong’o or that beautiful Sudanese model who won Miss World last year. Ok fine, Rolene Strauss a South African model won miss world last year but let’s face it, she does not look anything like a black girl so it may be a little tough to picture me and my afro with her as the comparison. But Continue reading “Rocking My AfroCorns”