Condemn the Short Shorts: Reclaim Our Decorum

Untitled drawingI strongly believe that we should live and let live. But here is my exception to the rule. I am sorry but for this one particular situation, I cannot let live. Not when the lives of my unborn children are being corrupted even before they are conceived. Scratch that, lo….o…ng before they are conceived.
I am sickened by the thought of little girls happily flaunting their Continue reading “Condemn the Short Shorts: Reclaim Our Decorum”

This Notion Called Lovin'

Samantha Jones (Sex and the City)
Samantha Jones (Sex and the City) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once upon a time I was convinced that I had a clear grasp of the concept of falling in love. I was certain I knew what it meant and how it felt. I dare say I believed I had been in love once or twice before-a different degree of loving I suppose. But it made a lot of sense then.
Now, when I ought to be smarter and more experienced, I find myself short of understanding. While I feel that at this point in life I should recognize love when it hits, I still can barely comprehend basic feelings such as fondness and attraction.

There is the occasional time when the thoughts of that special someone creates a longing that stifles my heart for free expression. At such a time, it’s easy to admit to a feeling deeper than a simple like. Continue reading “This Notion Called Lovin'”