Boots! Boots! Boots!

I just have one question for the guys. How is it that none of you is walking around barefoot? You all seem to wear shoes. And very good looking shoes at that. How? Last night I spent hours on end going through web pages after pages hunting down good winter boots for men! Do you actually but shoes in the price of the hundreds? How can you afford that? So you buy a pair of boots that costs you say $200 ok? Tell me, please tell what then do you eat for the next two week? Why are men’s shoes so expensive?

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Shoe Things: 10 Shoe Quotes for the Fabulous Woman

Wooohoooo.. It’s Friday, Friday, – insert Rebecca Black’s Friday tune here . As my Kenyan brothers (and by brothers I mean both ladies and gentlemen) would say “Happy Furahi Day!!” It might be an old-school phrase. I’m not sure what the Kenyan kids these days are saying but who the hell cares, right? OK maybe I do. Just a tiny, very tiny bit. You see ol’ spot(if you don’t get this reference, do yourself a favour and go watch “The Great Gatsby” movie. Yes! Off course now!), I’d like to think of myself as forever young and totally cool. Kenyan youth please help me stay cool? Please? What is it that you say nowadays?

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New- Fashion Series

What’s your fashion style? I know030813-Miranda-Kerr-350 a lot of people never consider themselves stylish or fashion forward but the truth is we all have our unique style. Your style says so much about you than you actually think. I would like to start a series called ” Style Buzz- My Style is -insert 1 or 2 words to describe your style.” In my case it would be, “My style is Sexy and Comfort”.
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Rihanna's New Clothing/Shoe Line for River Island

We all love fashion and for 2013, fashion is swiftly becoming a lot more exciting, affordable and vibrant. Among the things I love the most about fashion are its creativity and the expression of personality. Fashion is probably the one thing in my life that I have complete control over. About a week ago, Rihanna launched her clothing line for River Island. This is the first time I  have heard about River Island, after reviewing their website. I am very happy to announce that Riri launched her clothing and shoe line because they fit right into her style. I have to say, I am pleasantly satisfied with Rihanna’s line as it is affordable, upscale and of course very chic.
Rihanna’s River Island Clothing line consists of contemporary tops, t-shirt, jeans, dresses, jumpsuits, shorts, skirts, boots and a lot more. Some of the items are sold out already! I am looking to ordering two items myself. My fingers are crossed that I will receive them just in time for spring.
Check out Rihanna’s new Clothing line.

White Rihanna cropped T-shirt
White Rihanna cropped T-shirt

Dark wash Rihanna double top straight jeans
Dark wash Rihanna double top straight jeans

So? What do you ladies think of Rihanna’s new clothing line… it?