Do Your Shoes Need a Face-Lift?

Shoe Jewels
They were cute and sparkly

The other day I was walking through The Hudson Bay on my way to an evening class. I had a few minutes to spare so I decided to window shop. The boots they’ve got are lovely and so are the pumps. And the bags and OMG the scarves and the fragrances. I was spoilt for choice, except for one thing, MONEY! There was a time when I shopped on alternate weeks. I almost always wore new clothes. Those wonderful happy days, sigh! And then bills started to happen. But I’m not complaining, these are the facts. Anyway, I continued to lustfully ogle at The Bay’s beautiful merchandise. The crisp smell of newness blended with the orgasmic scent of brand new leather. Everything around me was shiny. I could almost hear them calling my name. I have self-control like madness. I love to shop but I hate debt even more. So I clasped my purse a little tighter-you know, just in case the credit card decided to slip out of the wallet and make its way to the cashier. I took a deep breath and started for the exit.
Just before I made it to the door, I spotted something that hadn’t been there before (yes, I too think it’s disturbing that I know the Hudson Bay that well). They were cute and sparkly and tiny, all stuffed into a basket, right by the wall, very near to the exit but closer to the cashier. I paused. I just wanted to know what they were. No harm in that right?
Sheoe Jewels 2
I discovered shoe jewelry

I walked towards the basket half afraid that I would cave and buy something I wouldn’t even have a use for. “You’re bigger than that, I said to myself” before taking another step then reaching for the shiny thing. I still could not tell what it was, some kind of jewelry that’s for sure. So I flipped it over to the back side and “oh shoe jewelry” it said. “Ummh…..Ohkayy…..mmh!” And with that I left the store. A round of applause please, my credit card stayed put. It did not make a run for the cashier. Can I hear an AMEN!
It’s been almost two weeks since I discovered shoe jewelry. For how long have these been a thing? Why am I just seeing them now? I like the malls, new things and stylish accessories. Why did I not know about shoe jewelry? I walk through the bay at least once every week. And each day that I do, I especially go to the shoe area. That basket has not been there. Do people actually buy them? I wasn’t particularly sold on them because when I go shoe shopping I go to town! So my shoes generally do not need a boost, they’re always on point. But still, shoe jewels are a genius idea. I marveled at this new revelation for a week when I finally decided to find out how popular they are. And what do you know? There are actual entrepreneurs who are making a living solely on selling shoe jewelry. I know, I thought it was impossible too. I mean, who buys these? They’re super cute, I’ll give them that. And yes, some shoes I’ve seen desperately need a face-lift.
I mean, who buys these?
I mean, who buys these?

I suppose you could keep a pair in your bag just in case your co-workers decide to go for drinks right after work. Or maybe you have a fabulous date with no time to rush home and get dolled up. I can see how these could come in handy. I like the idea, for others I mean, not for self. Shoe jewels are a good emergency plan. Get yourself a pair, or I just might hand one out to you on the streets on Christmas eve!
Have you heard or seen shoe jewelry? Do you own a pair? When did they come in handy for you?