Do Your Shoes Need a Face-Lift?

Shoe Jewels
They were cute and sparkly

The other day I was walking through The Hudson Bay on my way to an evening class. I had a few minutes to spare so I decided to window shop. The boots they’ve got are lovely and so are the pumps. And the bags and OMG the scarves and the fragrances. I was spoilt for choice, except for one thing, MONEY! There was a time when I shopped on alternate weeks. I almost always wore new clothes. Those wonderful happy days, sigh! And then bills started to happen. But I’m not complaining, these are the facts. Anyway, I continued to lustfully ogle at The Bay’s beautiful merchandise. The crisp smell of newness blended with the orgasmic scent of brand new leather. Everything around me was shiny. I could almost hear them calling my name. I have self-control like madness. I love to shop but I hate debt even more. So I clasped my purse a little tighter-you know, just in case the credit card decided to slip out of the wallet and make its way to the cashier. I took a deep breath and started for the exit.
Just before I made it to the door, I spotted something that hadn’t been there before (yes, I too think it’s disturbing that I know the Hudson Bay that well). They were cute and sparkly and tiny, all stuffed into a basket, right by the wall, very near to the exit but closer to the cashier. I paused. I just wanted to know what they were. No harm in that right?
Sheoe Jewels 2
I discovered shoe jewelry

I walked towards the basket half afraid that I would cave and buy something I wouldn’t even have a use for. “You’re bigger than that, I said to myself” before taking another step then reaching for the shiny thing. I still could not tell what it was, some kind of jewelry that’s for sure. So I flipped it over to the back side and “oh shoe jewelry” it said. “Ummh…..Ohkayy…..mmh!” And with that I left the store. A round of applause please, my credit card stayed put. It did not make a run for the cashier. Can I hear an AMEN!
It’s been almost two weeks since I discovered shoe jewelry. For how long have these been a thing? Why am I just seeing them now? I like the malls, new things and stylish accessories. Why did I not know about shoe jewelry? I walk through the bay at least once every week. And each day that I do, I especially go to the shoe area. That basket has not been there. Do people actually buy them? I wasn’t particularly sold on them because when I go shoe shopping I go to town! So my shoes generally do not need a boost, they’re always on point. But still, shoe jewels are a genius idea. I marveled at this new revelation for a week when I finally decided to find out how popular they are. And what do you know? There are actual entrepreneurs who are making a living solely on selling shoe jewelry. I know, I thought it was impossible too. I mean, who buys these? They’re super cute, I’ll give them that. And yes, some shoes I’ve seen desperately need a face-lift.
I mean, who buys these?
I mean, who buys these?

I suppose you could keep a pair in your bag just in case your co-workers decide to go for drinks right after work. Or maybe you have a fabulous date with no time to rush home and get dolled up. I can see how these could come in handy. I like the idea, for others I mean, not for self. Shoe jewels are a good emergency plan. Get yourself a pair, or I just might hand one out to you on the streets on Christmas eve!
Have you heard or seen shoe jewelry? Do you own a pair? When did they come in handy for you? 

New- Fashion Series

What’s your fashion style? I know030813-Miranda-Kerr-350 a lot of people never consider themselves stylish or fashion forward but the truth is we all have our unique style. Your style says so much about you than you actually think. I would like to start a series called ” Style Buzz- My Style is -insert 1 or 2 words to describe your style.” In my case it would be, “My style is Sexy and Comfort”.
We invite and encourage willing participants who would like to be featured to drop us an e-mail at or to fill out the “Contact Us” form on our contact page. Which ever option you choose, your subject line should read “Style Buzz”. Continue reading “New- Fashion Series”

Feel Good Wednesday: How About Gym Day?

How about a gym day? (Photo credit: Tulane Public Relations)

Happy Feel Good Wednesday!
If you are anything like me, gyming is not among your favorite pass time activities.
Getting to the gym is usually the most challenging part of the whole affair for me. But ones I get there I am usually on the roll! And I mean it.
At one point I would have mocked anyone who suggested gyming for whatever reason. And no, I did not put on weight. Well, let’s just say not too much weight. But that is besides the point.

Gyming can be fun and a stress reliever. Imagine leaving the gym feeling great both mentally and physically.

Working out does not only improve health but also clears the mind causing one to think much clearer. Check out a few of the perks of working out.

  • Improves moods
  • Helps to control weight
  • Boosts energy
  • Helps to sleep better
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • It’s fun!

Now, how about a work out session tonight?
Tell us how it goes.
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And Now For a Funny Mugs Moment

I happen to be a huge fun of funny mugs. Therefore, for you funny-mug-lover-mates of mine, here are a few to keep you feeling happy-go-lucky, all Thursday long!
1. Both 1 & 2 spotted at CafepressCoffee Mug - I'm an Engineer       Bored to Death Small Mugs
2. I wouldn’t say I’m courageous enough to own this one, but it is still pretty funny.
3. ..allegedly 🙂
   Spotted on e-bay.
4. And finally for the clueless colleague…
  From here.
I know  it has been a rough week
..but stay strong, we are almost there! Have a thrilling Thursday, pals!

Listen to the Sounds of Success Around You

Now Listen (The Chocolate Rockets album)
I am not saying follow them around and ask questions in the dozens, no! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A friend of mine once told me that if you find that you have finally made it to the highest possible level in your organisation, if you find that there is no more room for growth or expansion, it means it is about time for change. Growth is a vital part of life. Making a better life for oneself is pretty much what most of us thrive for each day. Being in an environment where one is able to grow obviously creates a desire to self improve.
Assuming that we are all in suitable positions to reach out for higher paying jobs and eventually self actualisation, allow me to mention one issue that we need to be permanently conscious of as we make our way up the corporate ladder. The people around us! Continue reading “Listen to the Sounds of Success Around You”

Don't Fake It 'til You Make It

Don’t Fake it ’til you make it (Photo credit: TED Conference)

For the past couple of weeks, TED talks have been my favourite videos to watch. I have dramatically transformed from spending zero time on YouTube to signing into YouTube every chance I get. TED talks showcase very intelligent individuals from all walks of life discussing a variety of topics that matter to them. I find these talks quite insightful, causing me thinking outside the box. They truly are remarkable.
A few days ago I was watching Amy Cuddy discussing body language and its influence on who we are and how others perceive us. This particular topic got me thinking. Often times when I walk into a room full of strangers every last bone in my body would much rather shrink and disappear than address that crowd. Continue reading “Don't Fake It 'til You Make It”

Rihanna's New Clothing/Shoe Line for River Island

We all love fashion and for 2013, fashion is swiftly becoming a lot more exciting, affordable and vibrant. Among the things I love the most about fashion are its creativity and the expression of personality. Fashion is probably the one thing in my life that I have complete control over. About a week ago, Rihanna launched her clothing line for River Island. This is the first time I  have heard about River Island, after reviewing their website. I am very happy to announce that Riri launched her clothing and shoe line because they fit right into her style. I have to say, I am pleasantly satisfied with Rihanna’s line as it is affordable, upscale and of course very chic.
Rihanna’s River Island Clothing line consists of contemporary tops, t-shirt, jeans, dresses, jumpsuits, shorts, skirts, boots and a lot more. Some of the items are sold out already! I am looking to ordering two items myself. My fingers are crossed that I will receive them just in time for spring.
Check out Rihanna’s new Clothing line.

White Rihanna cropped T-shirt
White Rihanna cropped T-shirt

Dark wash Rihanna double top straight jeans
Dark wash Rihanna double top straight jeans

So? What do you ladies think of Rihanna’s new clothing line… it?

My Blissful Sunday Morning

English: Sun Rise on the Mt. Fuji
English: Sun Rise on the Mt. Fuji (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sunday morning is always a gift. I dare say it is my best day of the week and the only morning that I jump out of bed with zero reservation. I love my Sundays. I have a special routine, I chose to call it my Sunday ritual. It is nothing extraordinary, simply my special way to unwind.
Every Sunday morning I wake up around nine o’clock and start to brew my coffee. As I wait for it to get ready, I sit by my kitchen window enjoying the beautiful view, watching the sun rising and taking in the exquisite warmth of the rising sun, all the while sniffing in the sweet offering of coffee odor as it brews in the pot. Once my coffee is good to go, and I have had my fair share of Vitamin D thanks to the rising sun, I serve myself a huge mug, grab a fashion magazine, my bathtub pillow and take to the bathroom where I spend a good hour or two. Oh blissful morning, a little slice of heaven it truly is.
What is your Sunday morning routine? Do you have one? Or do you choose to sleep in or simply go with the flow?

Happy Valentines Day: How About a Different Approach This Year?

An array of Valentine's Day-connotated candy d...
Yes, I am a romantic. I am into the whole celebrating each other facade (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was little, February the fourteenth was all about birthday presents, candy, cake, candles and lots of balloons. All I knew was that it was my birthday. I never once wondered why the world celebrated with me. I must have thought that was the norm for everyone, or something like that. Then in my teens, the fourteenth meant handmade cards from boys, chocolate bars and maybe once or twice holding hands with my new boyfriend.
I vividly remember when I turned eighteen thinking excitedly that finally I would receive bouquets of red roses, boxes of heart-shaped chocolates, bottles of red wine and dinner dates at exotic hotels. And I did cross out some of those wishes off of my bucket list. Memories, memories! Truly, those were the days!
Yes, I am a romantic. I love the idea of spoiling your partner and being spoilt in return. I am into the whole celebrating each other facade. As my beloved mother frequently points out, life is really short so make the best of it while you can. I enjoyed my late teens immensely. I also picked up on a few things, I must say. Valentines, is not only about your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife , husband or your partner. Valentines is about expressing your love to others. While candy and flowers are very vital parts of the celebrations, there is a lot more to it. It is also a time to hang out , spend some quality time together. On valentines day, the universe gives you the chance to tell a brother you love them, send an appreciation card to a friend and of course a bouquet of roses to your mom. A little love goes a long way!
A toast to an all rounded Valentines day!
Be sure to share with us your valentines day experience. What have you been up to?
~ Val

Another Monday It Is

English: Monday Morning :: duo pop & Folk Fran...
I wish you a fabulous Monday and a happy new week! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have this sense of a new beginning when I wake up every Monday morning. Is it just me or is it a common feeling? A sweet mixture of excitement and anxiety I feel. I wake up at the crack of dawn toss and turn in bed until I finally decide it is about time to rise and shine. Today, I woke up exceptionally early. I can not really determine whether it was the excitement of a fresh start or the anxiety from so much to do and so little time. Either way, as I write to you this morning, I cannot help but feel that familiar built up of pressure somewhere deep within me. At this very moment, I start another week. Starting today, I get the chance to redo all that I may have done incorrectly last week. Make better choices, save more time and accomplish a lot more. Before I walk out my door today, I wish you a fabulous Monday and a happy new week. I hope you feel like I do this morning, only a little less anxious and a lot more excited. I wish you all a productive happy week.