Birthday Month, A Day from Hell & Banking Fees

February is my birthday month. I’m turning 30 in nine days people. I’m so excited. I’ve been on this earth for three whole decades and yet there’s still so much to learn. When I was kid I remember looking at adults and thinking ‘must be nice to know and have everything’. Ha! Little did I know. Continue reading “Birthday Month, A Day from Hell & Banking Fees”

And Now For a Funny Mugs Moment

I happen to be a huge fun of funny mugs. Therefore, for you funny-mug-lover-mates of mine, here are a few to keep you feeling happy-go-lucky, all Thursday long!
1. Both 1 & 2 spotted at CafepressCoffee Mug - I'm an Engineer       Bored to Death Small Mugs
2. I wouldn’t say I’m courageous enough to own this one, but it is still pretty funny.
3. ..allegedly 🙂
   Spotted on e-bay.
4. And finally for the clueless colleague…
  From here.
I know  it has been a rough week
..but stay strong, we are almost there! Have a thrilling Thursday, pals!