Tranquility in South Coast, Kenya

I’m currently on a letting-go-vacation at Leopard Beach Resort in South Coast, Kenya. With work, family and friends everything was moving way too fast for a while there.  I needed everything to stop moving so I could have a moment to reflect.
Cottages at South Coast
Between December and January I experienced two very major life changes. Continue reading “Tranquility in South Coast, Kenya”

Egypt's Great Sphinx of Giza: Black History Month

English: Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt. Español:...
English: Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt. Español: Gran Esfinge de Giza, Egipto. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Third on our charts this month is Egypt’s Great Sphinx of Giza.
Did you know that ancient Egyptians built the Sphinx and laid it in front of the pyramid to guard the tombs?  The Sphinx has the head of a man, the face of a pharaoh, a hawk or a ram and the body of a lion.
Egypt is known for its astounding Giza pyramids and the pharaohs. At memoirsofakenyan however, we choose to highlight Egypt’s Great Sphinx of Giza, the world’s largest monolith(a single gigantic rock) statue. It is the most famous Sphinx in Egypt. This phenomenal piece of architecture is as spectacular if not more, than the pyramids of Egypt. The Great Sphinx of Giza has greatly influenced tourism in Egypt along with Giza Pyramid Complex and ancient history of the pharaohs.