Book Review: Lean In- Why I Loved It and Why You Should Too. (Guest Post)

Lean In- S.S
After reading Lean In almost a month ago! I am writing an opinion piece on this amazing book by Sheryl Sandberg. This is my first time writing such a piece so bear with me. Before reading Lean-In, I read some of the book reviews and most were great reviews and some not so great. It seems some women of color could not really understand why Sandberg didn’t address women of color in the corporate world. Or maybe they were not satisfied with what she had to offer in that regard. Either way, Sandberg did not claim to know or understand what it’s like for a woman of color to climb up the corporate ladder.Other reviews went further stating she didn’t give any specific advice for women of color. Before I forge ahead with my rant, I should tell you a little bit about this book from my perspective.
Sandberg wrote this book for all women currently in the workforce and women wanting to move forward in a male dominant work environment. Lean In was written to give you a broad understanding of the corporate world and how to move up beyond your wildest dream. Lean In is about what to expect in the corporate world and how to prepare for it at work and at home. Sandberg shares her personal experience as a top female executive working in a male dominant corporate world. Continue reading “Book Review: Lean In- Why I Loved It and Why You Should Too. (Guest Post)”

Aftermath-Honeymoon Phase (Guest Post)

imageWhat happens after your honeymoon? Everyone knows that every new relationship has that period when it is the most intoxicating with excitement, infatuation and full of energy. This phase is when you spend more time with each other than anyone else. During the honeymoon phase life is amazing, every moment is magical and happiness is never ending. Honeymoon phase can last for as long as 3 months to 1 year depending on the couples and their situation. I know mine lasted 6 months!
So in most relationships this is what happens after the honeymoon phase over
1) You stop laughing at their jokes and get easily irritated
2) You tell as it as without hesitation and considering their feelings
3) You stop trying so hard to impress
4) You slack off on communication and planning fun activities
5) You stop complimenting each other
……it’s a fact you can’t be in this phase forever. However, you can ensure that just because your honeymoon phase ends does not mean you relationship should be less intriguing, intoxicating and exciting. Im sure everyone have their ways of keeping the excitement in their relationship. My suggestion is that rather than pretend at the beginning of the relationship show your true self and try to enjoy each other just the way you are! after the “honeymoon phase” there will be no surprises and frustration because you have established your true self to your partner.
Also its very important to keep doing those exciting things that got you to love each other and ensure the chemistry is not lacking. One of the ways to keep the chemistry alive is to go on date nights, plan fun activites whenever possible and NEVER slack off on your appearance. Your appearance is very important the last thing you want is your partner to loose interest in you because you stopped trying. This applies to guys especially! because contrary to popular believe ladies love a good looking and well dressed guys. Communicating with each other about everything! After all their your life partner. Do not take each other for granted. It’s also good practice to remind each other how much you love and appreciate each other.
So this is what I have done in my relationship to keep it spicy 🙂 What do you ladies and gents do to keep the excitement in your relationship?