Book Review: Lean In- Why I Loved It and Why You Should Too. (Guest Post)

Lean In- S.S
After reading Lean In almost a month ago! I am writing an opinion piece on this amazing book by Sheryl Sandberg. This is my first time writing such a piece so bear with me. Before reading Lean-In, I read some of the book reviews and most were great reviews and some not so great. It seems some women of color could not really understand why Sandberg didn’t address women of color in the corporate world. Or maybe they were not satisfied with what she had to offer in that regard. Either way, Sandberg did not claim to know or understand what it’s like for a woman of color to climb up the corporate ladder.Other reviews went further stating she didn’t give any specific advice for women of color. Before I forge ahead with my rant, I should tell you a little bit about this book from my perspective.
Sandberg wrote this book for all women currently in the workforce and women wanting to move forward in a male dominant work environment. Lean In was written to give you a broad understanding of the corporate world and how to move up beyond your wildest dream. Lean In is about what to expect in the corporate world and how to prepare for it at work and at home. Sandberg shares her personal experience as a top female executive working in a male dominant corporate world. Continue reading “Book Review: Lean In- Why I Loved It and Why You Should Too. (Guest Post)”

A Woman is Much More Than her Power to Seduce

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This article is a counterargument to an article written by SovietLover on The Reporter and The Girl blog. He talks about how women have the essential tools; smile, cleavage, high heels and humor that enable them to accomplish their goals. Check out SovietLover’s article for more details. Here’s my take.
True, a woman has all the necessary tools at her disposal to get ahead in life. These tools, to strongly point out, entail a lot more than sexuality and seduction. A woman is much more than her body and her power to seduce. Instilling this ideology in women is a step in the wrong direction. Continue reading “A Woman is Much More Than her Power to Seduce”