The Aquarian: How Accurate are Horoscope predictions?

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I find myself very much intrigued by the predictions of the horoscope. I do not particularly believe in them but I don’t not believe them either. Like the saying goes I am hanging on the fence and I like it that way. I’ve made it a habit to read my horoscope in the Daily Metro usually towards the end of the day. I’m curious to know their predictions but only after the fact. That way my behavior is not biased by those predictions. When I compare my personal characteristics and those that are believed to characterize Aquarians, I see a lot of similarities.
These similarities and my unyielding curiosity have propelled me to learn more about my zodiac sign. I’ve learnt how the circumstances of my birth affect the events in my life. I’ve also come to notice that horoscope readings are often very broad. Any number of things could easily fall into the prediction. I guess what I am saying is I am not entirely convinced, but I must admit that these predictions are quite compelling.
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I am an Aquarian. I’ve watched endless videos and read from a vast number of sources the characteristics, the strengths and the weaknesses of the Aquarian. I’ve studied how these characteristics are impacted by the position of the planets and stars at the time of the person’s birth. In this article I have highlighted ten traits that seem to be most prominent in describing Aquarians. Of course I’ve also measured their accuracy upon my personal characteristics.
1. Aquarians are said to be extremely frank which at times could come across as harsh or insensitive.
-I’ve been told a few times that I can be brutally honest.
2. They are detached or withdrawn from emotions as they tend to exist more in their mental space rather that emotionally.
-I’d say it depends on individual relationships.
4. They are progressive and modern in their thinking.
-Ha ha I strongly agree!
5. Aquarians are broad-minded and creative.
-I am creative. I’m not sure what broad-minded means exactly.
6. They place great importance on the friendships they’ve cultivated.
-This is very true for me. You have to earn my friendship but once you do there’s very little that could come between us. I generally love people.
8. They are curious in nature.
-Very true.
9. Aquarians are intelligent and quick-witted.
-Assuming I thought I wasn’t a smart cookie, would I really own up to it? On my own blog?! 
10. They have great command over language. They are natural communicators but are not particularly chatty.
-Also true for me.
11. Aquarians are humanitarians and enjoy working towards the betterment of society.
-I plan to. And soon. I’ll keep you posted on it. So I guess this is a kind of..
One particular website caught my attention in saying;

“Aquarian women are sensual and feminine. They are gifted with beautiful appearance. They might not be afraid of taking the leading role in a relationship and can be provoking.”

That was my favorite trait out of all of the above. As much as I would like to eat humble pie, I’ll have you know that this too is very accurate-except for the provoking part of course.
As you can see I have agreed with most of those traits. They are however general statements that could apply to a great multitude of people. I find that they are not specific enough.
What is your take on horoscopes? Do you read your horoscope? How accurate (or inaccurate) do you find them?

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