The Danger of a Single Story: Chimamanda Adichie

English: Chimamanda Adichie, Lagos 2009
English: Chimamanda Adichie, Lagos 2009 (Photo credit)

In Rediscovering Africa, my intention is to allow my readers to view Africa in a positive light. That despite all its shortcomings-which are present in other continents- Africa also has a lot to offer. I need the world to understand that Africa is not a continent always calling for ‘enormous pity’ as Chimamanda Adichie explains in her talk. Within those hardships and life’s challenges there are tonnes of hard-working people with big dreams, and high achievers changing lives everyday. Chimamanda Adichie goes on to share an encounter with her University roommate in the United States who wanting to sample her music was astonished when she produced contemporary Western music.
There is a great extent of normalcy in Africa which many seem to be surprised by. Not every region is characterized by starvation and homelessness. Many Africans understand and use technology, they live in massive bungalows and mansions, drive posh cars and take their children to good schools.
This is not to say that the negative issues should be ignored, but that there are many sides to every story. As you will hear in the video, talking about only one issue affecting a community creates the dangers of a single story. I want you, as a Memoirs of a Kenyan reader to have a deeper understanding of Africa so that you, unlike most people can have a ‘balance of stories’ as Chinua Achebe, another Nigerian writer describes it.
In this incredible 20 minutes talk, Chimamanda Adichie brings Africa to life in a way that only she could manage. I am almost convinced that this talk was especially meant to expand on my topic: Rediscovering Africa.

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