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Yesterday I visited a law firm to start the process of getting a will and a POA in place. I know you already have many questions about why I’m preparing a will now, considering I’m single and without kids or assets -aha. But that’s a story for another day.

I made the appointment the first week of January. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve waited excitedly to get the ball rolling. Yesterday’s meeting was very enlightening- and a little eerie seeing as all we talked about was who would handle my affairs when I wasn’t able and what I’d like to be done following my death.

What I did not anticipate was the ‘nosy’ questions that helped to legally determine if I was mentally capable of making such important decisions. I did not anticipate being asked how much money I had in every account, how many banks I bank with, my investments, anything else of value that I own, life insurance etc. I mean, I figured there would be general questions about where I wanted what percentages to go and who would act for me if needed. I just didn’t realize how in-depth it would be.

In my last article, I talked about how I’ve been working on the Dave Ramsey baby steps. I’m almost at the end of baby step two. It’s definitely starting to feel exhausting and excruciatingly slow. They say it’s darkest before dawn so I’m crawling on towards that finish line. In light of my financial position at the moment, having a total stranger ask such personal money questions was quite unnerving. By the time I left the firm I was feeling pretty low. ‘I actually have no money,’ I kept thinking as a little anxiety started to build up from within me.

So I am currently forcing myself to think of how far I’ve come. “Think positive! Think positive!” The good news is that my will and POA should be ready for me in a week’s time. That’s definitely a win in my books.

Two Tuesdays ago I posted an article where I revisited 2018 highlighting my wins throughout the year. This Tuesday I’ve decided to share my goals for 2019. This is a bit of a scary thing for me to do considering I tend to be a very private person. Like most people I’m afraid of failure, and public scrutiny. But here goes.

Career Development

I am a very hard worker. I love challenges and being exposed to new things in the workplace. The last couple of years I’ve worked in an environment that started to feel very repetitive and unchallenging. I talked about it with a few of my friends before but I didn’t actively work to change things to find fulfillment. This year I want to pursue that goal. I want to use the year to develop my career.

I take on a lot and many times the things that I accept don’t really add value to my career goals. I want to be more intentional with the things I accept to participate in. The idea here is to record every step towards my goal into my planner, say no a lot more frequently, and actually get the tasks in my planner done. No more procrastination.

I also intend to be a lot more vocal at work about what I want.

Consistently Post New Blog Content

Over the years I’ve been very irregular with my blogging. There are times I published articles several times a week, then I went to barely publishing any content in months and so forth. This year that is coming to an end. In 2019 I intend to be a consistent writer. I have so much to say about my financial journey, being a young woman and climbing the career ladder.

My biggest struggle over the years has been, how much of myself am I comfortable putting out there? The honest answer is not so much. Discussing my debt and finances publicly and my personal life has never been easy for me. But this year is all about stepping out of that comfort zone, knocking off goals and motivating even just one person out there.

Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps

The ‘song’ that you’ve heard me singing already is my financial journey song. Be warned, this will continue throughout 2019. I’m working through the baby steps. This year my goal is to complete Baby Step 2 and 3 and then start on Baby Step 4. That means I have 11 months to pay off all my debt (only credit card debt left to go), save 6 months of expenses, and then the fun part-start to invest 15% of my income. That in itself is a HUGE goal so wish me luck.

Get my Book Published

You probably know by now that I am working on a book. My whole life I’ve wanted to become an author. This is the year I make that dream a reality. This is probably the biggest goal I have for 2019. It’s definitely the one that scares me the most but I’m working on it. Keep your fingers crossed for me too.

Reading Through the Bible

This is a 2 year challenge that I started in January with two of my cousins. In the past I have tried to omit religious content in my writing. Since I’m embarking on a journey of full disclosure (within reason of course) with my readers I decided it’s important to make it known that I am an actively religious person-I try to be anyway. I am a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Christian to be exact. I was born and raised as an SDA. I haven’t actually read through the entire Bible once. As it turns out my cousins who live in Alabama, USA, also wanted to read through the Bible this year. So we decided to do it together. The goal is to have read halfway through the Bible by the end of 2019.

Looking at these goals is pretty daunting as they are fairly large goals for one year. In order to help me manage them, and ensure that I am in fact making progress, I’ve broken them into smaller goals by month. As the year progresses I’ll discuss my monthly goals in more detail and share my progress. But this is the big picture. I’m excited to have a plan and to see how well I execute each one.

Have a lovely day. I’ll see you again in two weeks!

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