Tranquility in South Coast, Kenya

I’m currently on a letting-go-vacation at Leopard Beach Resort in South Coast, Kenya. With work, family and friends everything was moving way too fast for a while there.  I needed everything to stop moving so I could have a moment to reflect.
Cottages at South Coast
Between December and January I experienced two very major life changes. I lost two very significant people in my life and there was no time to pause and process. Life to me was suddenly moving too fast. All I wanted was to crawl into the furthest corner of my bed, curl up into fetal position and just stay there in total darkness.

As the days went by I struggled more and more to control my emotions. I would break into tears while on a call with a client. A relative would tease me lightly and there the tears would come again. I was hurt and broken. I wanted desperately to escape. I needed a break.
Beautiful Flower in South Coast Kenya
First, I travelled to Kericho, Kenya for my beloved grandmother’s funeral. Right after we returned to Nairobi I packed my little hard-case suitcase and headed off to South Coast, Kenya for some downtime.

I wanted to be alone for a few days to come to terms with the end of my long-term relationship just two months ago, and of course the death of my Batiem.

It was the end of an era-of two eras to be specific. And I was struggling to accept and deal with all that. Nature is a Wonder South Coast
The last couple of days before my trip I could barely sleep from the anticipation to get away. Knowing I’d be going to a serene place was the lifeline that got me through those last two days.

At Ukunda airstrip where our little plane landed in Diani, South Coast, my heart was swollen with excitement for what lay ahead.

And then I got to the majestic Leopard Beach Resort. This is totally worth it, I thought, as my heavy fatigued heart danced in celebration.

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2 thoughts on “Tranquility in South Coast, Kenya”

  1. Being to a place must have surely helped to dispel the gloom. Thanks for sharing, for telling about this gift to man. May your granny rest in peace.

    1. Yes, it was the best decision I made for myself at that period. I needed it. And yes, it worked. It’s really nice seeing you hear Uzo. Thank you.

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