When the Soul Seeks

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To me, love was this enormously bizarre emotion that transcended definition. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 I wrote this poem when I was a teenager and posted it on an old blog that I wrote back in the day.

Reading through this old blog, I realized that as much as I am older now, some things are yet to change. When I wrote this poem, I was curious about love. To me, love was this bizarre emotion that transcended definition. I could never quite understand the concept of love. It was completely alien to me. I did not comprehend how one finds that special someone who becomes the best thing in their life. I wondered how one would know when they met someone worth keeping. I could not grasp the idea of being so certain about one’s feelings for another.

Fast forward ten years.

I still have not been able to wrap my head around it.  To me, love is a scary notion that I would give anything to understand. But I believe the very mystery that comes with it, is what makes it so beautiful.


A beautiful portrait in my mind
a sense of belonging I find
a picture of you so vivid
this inexistent bond astound
my soul and my mind shall find

When the soul seeks the mind shall find
Your presence so intense, your warmth,
I can almost smell the coconut scent in your hair,
In my mind’s eye I would melt in your embrace
For when the soul seeks the mind shall find

But in this maze shall I ever trace
This thing-life, at what pace
The desperate longing I so often feel
Shall I ever so truly find?
He who my soul seeks and my mind shall find.

7 thoughts on “When the Soul Seeks”

    1. Thank you Uzo. Love is really beyond words. That is a good way to put it.
      When I was younger I was wrote a lot more than I do now, particularly poetry. I was very passionate about poetry. Now for some reason I do not write poems at all. I should try to re-cultivate this lost art.-Just moved this comment from below 🙂

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