Why are we like using the word ‘like’ like all the time or whatever?

Whatever happened to simply thinking quietly or developing a thought completely before attempting to speak? Or sticking to the conventional non-word fillers such as “um”?goodgriefI won’t deny it. I too struggle to keep certain words that add no meaning whatsoever out of my speech. “Like” is one good example. Occasionally, and against my better judgement, this word crops up in my vocabulary. I make a conscious attempt to avoid using it and a few other words that I could still communicate greatly without.
There are several words that tend to be used an awful lot when we barely need them in the first place to communicate. In the workplace and particularly at an interview, you might want to keep these words to a minimum when conversing. While you hang around interviewers, colleagues, your bosses and perhaps even potential employers, you need to be on top of your game. Yes, this includes your diction. Speaking like a spoilt sixteen year old will not take you places. Overusing these words is not cool unless you are in your teens hanging around other teenagers.
Here are a few of those words and phrases, “like”, “or whatever”, “you know what I’m saying” and sadly, the list goes on.  I hear a lot of people often times the youth, speaking like these:
“You know like those people who like go to the gym every day?”
“Yeah, so you hold it right there or whatever and then you like tie a knot up here.”
Tell me that that does not sound ridiculous. I am convinced that I am not the only one who hears a lot of these kinds of words and phrases on a daily basis. Seriously, this needs to stop. As I said at the beginning, I make one or two of these mistakes too. My goal is to put a stop to the use of irrelevant words in my speech. I urge you to follow suit. Good language and proper use of words can only bring good things your way.  In fact, you would sound a lot more professional and mature when you steer clear of such words.
I challenge you to strive to be a better professional speaker. By avoiding the use of unnecessary words in your speech, you come off as a more confident composed individual, as I am convinced we all would love to be.
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2 thoughts on “Why are we like using the word ‘like’ like all the time or whatever?”

  1. It really is rediculous actually when you think of it. We don’t spend time thinking about what we need to say, just “say what you need to say” as John Mayer put it. We are in desperate need of a more eloquent generation. Can you imagine if the genius minds of the past heard our young people talking like they do… Anyway, it’s one of those things you either care or you don’t. I hope the majority of us care.

    1. Well said Soni. I strongly agree with you. It’s frightful to think of what conversations will sound like a few more years from now. I also hope that enough of us care to sustain the value of good diction.

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