Boots! Boots! Boots!

I just have one question for the guys. How is it that none of you is walking around barefoot? You all seem to wear shoes. And very good looking shoes at that. How? Last night I spent hours on end going through web pages after pages hunting down good winter boots for men! Do you actually but shoes in the price of the hundreds? How can you afford that? So you buy a pair of boots that costs you say $200 ok? Tell me, please tell what then do you eat for the next two week? Why are men’s shoes so expensive?

In a woman’s world, two hundred dollars could almost buy me a whole new wardrobe. Five formal dresses or at least four pairs of shoes. Yes, four! And even then parting with that money is heartbreaking. I know I always say I’m a cheapo, but honestly $200? And for one pair of seasonal shoes? Am I the only finding this absurd? At our home, where’s there’s four adults in residence, that’s our grocery shopping for the month. I know I’ve said four a few times, but these are not exaggerations, there are actually for people at our home. I could use that $200 to pay five months of my phone bill or gas my guzzler three times. Yeah, 3 times! That’s one and a half months of gas. It’s a wonder I don’t see too many men darting around in their bare feet. And on top of that they also wear very stylish clothes which I don’t even want to get into. I don’t know how you guys do it.

Anyhoo..after endless hours of hunting down affordable men’s shoes, these are the two gorgeous pairs I found. And, at less than $200! Am I amazing or what?
Casual Leather Boots: Now $130.00
ALDO: “This high-top sneaker is still elegant, thanks to a sleek glossy finish and faux-fur lining.”
Dress Boots: Originally $150.00 Now $119.98
I love the details on this pair! It's also leather with a rubber sole. Also from Aldo
I love the details on this pair! It’s also leather with a rubber sole.
Also from Aldo
As for my lady friends, our shopping experience is always a blast. Lots of laughs, affordable rates and several fabulous shopping bags later we own a few more pairs of shoes. Woohoo!
The leaves have all fallen and yesterday, albeit little, we witnessed some flakes of snow. It’s coming down people, there’s no way around this one. I say it’s time to strategize. Warm feet equals happy warm body. Or maybe that’s just me. When my toes are not warm enough, the rest of me is frozen which puts me in a bad mood. On a higher note, this is the main reason why I love the winter. Boots, boots, boots! I love them. So of course I am excited, way more excited than a little kid in a candy store. Shoes versus candy, I mean. I had a super hard time narrowing down my choices to only two pairs. These boots are gorgeous! And they could be yours in no time at all. Just follow the links and find your way to brand new leather smelling sexy warm boots and booties.
Fashion Booties: Only US $32.49
For the adventurous ones. I'm madly in love!
For the adventurous ones. I’m madly in love!
Formal Wear: Originally $69.99 Now $38.49
This is such a cute pair. It's available in both Taupe and Black. Spring.
This is such a cute pair. It’s available in both Taupe and Black. Spring.
I’m throwing in a bonus pair for you ladies!
Formal Wear: Originally $543.45 Now: $168.25
Who doesn't want this pair? Low heel, classic black and designer! Louis Vuitton Boots
Who doesn’t want this pair? Low heel, classic black and designer!
Louis Vuitton Boots
Here’s to making winter a little warmer! And fun too, of course.

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