My Workplace Hypothesis

20130111-094534.jpg I am not about to acclaim myself the corporate ‘guru’ of outstanding workplace countenance, but I firmly believe I have in the recent past, gained significant experience to base my profound workplace disposition hypothesis on. To ensure complete clarity, I will first point out that I am merely an amateur, learning by experience. In Latin they call it discere faciendo. I do not possess any formal training in corporate savoir-faire. I have been working at the same organization for three months shy two years now. As a result, I have gained immeasurable knowledge of work place do’s and don’ts which I gladly share with you today. Again, I do not in any way proclaim myself omniscient to work place matters. It is in fact quite the opposite. In sharing the much that I have learnt over the years; I hope to trigger a reaction from you. That you may agree or disagree with my point of view or add onto my growing list of exceptional work place practices. In the end (assuming there will be an end although I would rather this list grows to infinity), together we should have developed a much more thorough list of norms acceptable in office settings.
· Treat EVERY client like they were your FIRST of the day
· Care about the IMAGE you create
· Always DRESS for the job you want
· Do NOT CRACK under pressure
· Care about the QUALITY of work
· Have a sense of LOVE for the job
· Always EXCEED expectation
· Do NOT CRAP where you eat
It is a brilliant idea to separate your professional and social life. Yes, you got that right, I mean romantic relationships in particular. I know it has been said before, but I cannot stress this enough. After all, prevention is better than cure, right?
· Never pick a FIGHT you cannot win
I am talking about your clientele. No matter how annoying they may be, you will never win a fight against them. Do not get engaged, disengage! Let them vent, allow them a chance to let off steam and perhaps later explain yourself calmly. At the very worst refer them to someone else. Whatever your choice of action, refuse to get caught up in a fight.
~ Val

2 thoughts on “My Workplace Hypothesis”

  1. Hey Val,
    This is good, I am loving it.
    However, on the last part I think you should not leave the client hanging by saying I can’t assist you. Add I however know someone or somewhere you could get assistance with a big smile. 🙂

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I really like your point. Thank you.
      If you are able to refer the client to some other organization, then by all means do that. Your clients are vital to the corporation so I agree with you, be sure to keep them happy.
      In the case that your organization is the only one that provides a certain service, then inform the client with empathy that you will be able to assist them when certain requirements are met. In other words, avoid the negatives. Instead of saying I cannot assist you, perhaps say what I can do is (maybe refer you to another organization).
      Very good point Sarah, I will update that.
      Thanks again ~Val

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