You're The Real MVP, Not!

This really nice girl offers to help you out. She’s being sympathetic because she has noticed you’ve got a shit ton of things to handle. She’s an angel sent from heaven to lighten your load. You could hug her and dance with her even though there’s no music playing in the background. You’re so relieved you want to cry, laugh and dance to release that overwhelming gratitude. You’re not usually the trusting kind so you accept this offer reluctantly. Your team members encourage you to trust that she’ll come through. So you ignore that little voice deep down inside you that has led many to call you a control freak. You leave her to handle it.
Bleep! Bleep!
You just got a text. Who doesn’t love text messages? You reach over to the iPhone7 lying on the office desk that’s mostly covered in paperwork. You place your thumb on the home button long enough to unlock your brand new rose gold cellular phone.
The message that’s starring back at you is definitely not the kind you expected.
“Find someone else to deliver them. I can’t.”
That’s all there is to that text. No explanation no apologies. You put the phone back on the desk and lean back in your chair.
Because you are not confrontational, you don’t reply to her. Instead you sit there sulking, almost in tears from the disappointment that felt like being dropped to the floor from the pent house balcony.
You pick up your phone. You message the friends who swore by this chic’s reliability. You want to scold them for singing her praises. But you hold back. Instead you send a polite text saying she bailed. “We need a back up plan.”
You put the phone back on the desk and return to your computer screen. “One problem at a time” you say to yourself. Attempting to push this disappointment out of your mind temporarily.
Bleep! Bleep!
You look at the phone. One of the friends’, who you resisted to scold (thank God!), is on it. You reply immediately thanking her for stepping in. You resist the urge to make a mean comment about that other useless maggot.
You smile as you sit back in your comfortable swirling office chair. There are friends we can rely on but there are those who flake. Thank God for good friends. But how can you tell? Experience is in deed the best teacher.
You reach over to your phone again. This time you reply to the flake. “Thanks for letting me know. Don’t worry about it.” You put your phone back and return to your computer. Day saved, lesson learnt. Not everyone can be counted on but kind words always go a long way. You’re so relieved you remained polite despite that momentary panic.

Author: Valerie

I am a storyteller, a writer. I post new articles every other Tuesday. Life is full of wonder. Life is beautiful. I love the uncertainty that comes with it. The ups and downs of living -its high points and low moments, the good times and the bad. I love it all. But what I love even more, is writing about it! I enjoy mentoring girls and young women. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing women rocking in whatever they pursue. My writing however, is in most cases unisex. There is a little something for everyone on all matters lifestyle. My most passionate topic areas include fulfilling my life goals (fighting procrastination), my relationship with money,  and self love (because no one else will know how you expect to be treated if you don't treat yourself right). And then there's travel, food, fashion and books. I have a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (BBA). I also possess extensive experience  and education in communication studies. Welcome to my world. Comment, share and have some fun while you're at it. Are you looking for a creative writer? Or would you like to collaborate? Drop me an email at:

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